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Let's Dive Into Remote Work!

Gaining More Independence and Freedom in The Workplace

Remote Work Can Look Like This...

And Can Feel Like This...


You're able to relax in your peace knowing that you have time to balance your work and parental responsibilities.


Most positions give you the flexibility and control to choose when and where you work.


You get more opportunities to spend quality time with your children.


You can experience reduced stress and embrace neglected hobbies thanks to the flexibility in your schedule.


You're in charge of your own destiny and feel empowered to choose your career path and advancement.


You have increased stability that creates calmness, reducing the likelihood of job loss due to things like office closures or long commutes.

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My First Remote Position

This was me, five years ago when I landed my first remote job-and let me tell you, I was over the moon! Sure, my little two-bedroom apartment was cozy for my son and I but squeezing in a home office...that was a challenge. Still, I made it work.

The freedom to homeschool my child and pursue my passions while working from home was pure bliss!


Ready To Find Out How Remote Work Can Change Your Life?

Remote Work: A Single Parent's Guide to Work-life Harmony (For the Gentleman)
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Do you need a career change? Tired of rushing through traffic trying to get to work on time? Missing out on family time with the kids because work keeps you away? I totally get it. I used to feel the same way until I switched to remote work. It's time to do something about it. Trust me, I know how tough it can be. But there's a way out of this cycle. It's time to make a change and reclaim your sanity!

The ebook Remote Work: A Single Parent's Guide is specifically designed to assist single parents in their desire to search, apply, and prepare for remote positions. Inside, you'll find:

  • Step-by-step guidance on searching for remote job opportunities tailored to single parents' needs.
  • Expert advice on crafting a standout resume, including a sample resume template to get you started.
  • Real-life scenarios to help you better understand and navigate the challenges of remote work with children at home.
  • Solutions to burning questions commonly faced by single parents, such as, How do I balance remote work with childcare responsibilities.
  • Insider secrets from recruiters on how to structure your resume and ace the interview process, ensuring you leave a lasting impression.

Whether you're a single parent looking to transition to remote work or seeking to improve your remote job search skills, this guide is your go-to resource for success in remote work.

Remote Work: A Single Parent's Guide has everything you need to help you succeed in your career.

*This ebook is identical to the gentleman's version, just with a cover that's more geared towards women!

You will get a PDF (16MB) file

Working Remotely With Children

Avoid These Mistakes When Working Remotely

What Will Your Future Career Look Like?

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